FieldType `Link` does not contain the translated slug of a folder

Concerning the App ‘Translatable Slugs’

When using the Link FieldType and selecting a story with a translated slug, the API does not return the correct cached_url. Neither the translated folder slug nor the translated page slug is used for the this said property. It always takes the ‘default’ slugs.

Only the story itself contains the correct slugs inside the full_slug and translated_slugs properties.

@mumenthalers in the case of links you should check out this FAQ answer - I think you are looking for resolving_links parameter. After applying it, you will get also the translated_slugs.

Anyway if you think it is still bug or you think this would be nice feature to have, I can recommend to create github issue here and it will take standard decision process on our side to implement or give any other answers :wink:

That’s it! :grinning: