[Feedback] Trial expiration banner covers up content

When the trial expires and there are features being used which aren’t included in the free plan a banner appears at the bottom notifying the owner of this fact. Unfortunately this banner covers up the last item in a list. I’d suggest either making the banner dismissible (per session obviously, not permanently) or adding sufficient bottom padding to the list if the banner is visible.

Hello Mirko,

be welcome here in our forum and thank you for the feedback!

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I’ve talked to my team colleagues and this is intended: “Annoying by design” if somebody wants to use the cool features of higher plans --> https://www.storyblok.com/pricing :wink:

We changed our pricing! Now you don’t have a minimal user count that you have to pay for when subscribing to a plan :partying_face:

Hmm, I really don’t agree with doing this intentionally. Annoying by design is one thing, but actively impeding usability (without even acknowledging it) is a dark pattern which shouldn’t ever be utilized. It would be a different story if the user were able to see that the use of the app had been restricted by cheaping out, say by doing a thing like ad blockers do and blocking scrolling, fading out the stories, etc. This doesn’t feel “annoying by design”, it feels “annoying because of an edge case we didn’t think of and then leaving it in intentionally” :wink:

Anyway, it’s a client project and we’ll be taking it to a paid tier as soon as they’re done with content and give the go-ahead for golive so I don’t really care all that much, just thought I’d air my thoughts here. Thanks for your response! Also great news about the minimal user count, this makes Storyblok much more viable for small private projects where an editor role is still needed.

Adding a collaborator before subscribing was introduced to allow developers invite they customers to subscribe (not to add content before subscribing). Interesting to hear your view on other patterns that we didn’t want to introduce (eg. blocking scrolling, fading out stories). Since this was the first feedback on the banner hiding something it indeed is not on prio 1 :upside_down_face: however we will revisit that in our next review :slight_smile:

With the now available partner portal you will also be able to add your whole team to the partner team and access that space without that banner – adding a collaborator however will require to upgrade and will then show the banner again. Our pricing will change (not yet done) to allow smaller groups to also use the higher tiers as mentioned by Hannes. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to close this topic with nice thank you and announcement, that the banner should behave now much better and don’t hide user content. :wink:

Cheers and may the force be with us!