Enabling Visual Editor & Live Preview with Gatsby

Following the guide that’s posted here: Add a headless CMS to Gatsby.js in 5 minutes - Storyblok. When trying to set up the Storyblok bridge, getting an error that says:

ERROR in ./src/pages/index.js 15:0-44
Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘…/lib/storyblok’ in ‘/Users/samtorres/dev/agile-storyblok/src/pages’
@ ./.cache/this_is_virtual_fs_path/$virtual/async-requires.js 16:11-18:5
@ ./.cache/app.js 16:0-52 29:87-33:1 32:29-42 35:27-40 29:0-33:2

I’ve also reviewed the feature commit log here: feat: add storyblok bridge and live updates · storyblok/gatsby-storyblok-boilerplate@a298cfa · GitHub and updated to match the files there. However, I’m still getting the same error about resolution.

Hello @samtorres,

could you fix the issue in your project already? Maybe the updated tutorial can help you with that when you are stuck with that problem or our developer community on Discord: Storyblok

Best regards