[Duplicated] Point to multiple folders in 'Path to folder of stories' when using 'Stories' as a source?


I want to link stories together.

For that, I use ‘Single-Option’ (or ‘Multi-Option’) as a field type in the schema editor.

As a source I then select ‘Stories’ to point to a folder where the stories live that I want to link to.

Then I provide the path to that folder in ‘Path to folder of stories’ and this is where the problem arises.

I want to point to two (or more) folders that are next to each other. As an example:

‘folderA/folderX/’ AND ‘folderA/folderY/’
BUT NOT ‘folderA/folderZ/’

Is there any way of doing that? I tried RegEx (something like ‘folderA/folder(X|Y)/’), but that doesn’t seem to work. Any other options?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Hello Kamil,

it isn’t possible to add more than one folder to the source option. I have opened a feature request that is about the possibility to add a list of folders and using REGEX in the same field.
The link to the request on Github if you want to follow the topic and / or comment on it:

With best regards

Thanks @Hannes, for the quick reply and action!

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