Do only components have an _editable property?

For example, I have a Storyblok component named “Article” which acts as a content type.
The Article component has two fields: Heading and Body
Heading has a field type of Text. Body has a field type of Blocks.

When I view the published JSON of a story whose content type is Article, the Heading field has no _editable property, but all items nested in the Body field do have an _editable property.
I can add the _editable content to the output html only for the items in the Body field.

The result is that the heading field is not clickable in the Storyblok Visual Editor. Is there a way to make the Heading field clickable?

Hello Ed,

you need to add the _editable attribute that is in the content type to the container where you have the headline.

Thanks Hannes, that worked. Above the heading, I added the comment from: story.content._editable

In the live editor, when I click the heading, the heading in the form view does not go into an active/highlighted state. Is there a way to make the form view heading hightlighted/active when I click the heading in the live editor?

Hello Ed,

this will be possible with the V2 of the editor :slight_smile:

Great, can’t wait! :+1:

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