Differentiate the live branch

It’s very easy not to realise you’re in the live branch until you attempt to save your story’s changes.

Some ideas would be

  • Navigation bar could be a different colour

  • Lock the content, so an author can’t start editing

A simple thing, but a super easy mistake to make.

Hello @Coreythompson,

thank you for the feedback! To which version of the UI does this relate? Is it for the V1 or the V2 (Storyblok V2 - Storyblok) UI?

Best regards

Hi Hannes,
Both of them have the problem. V2 is a little easier to spot with the button states more obvious.
Prismic uses a different colour nav bar as the treatment.


Hello @Coreythompson,

thanks a lot for the feedback! I’ll forward that to our developers.

I wish you a great Friday and an awesome weekend in advance :slight_smile:

Best regards