Default value for single-option


I want to create reusable navigation through all the pages.

I’m trying to make relation: navigation → every content-type as a single option. And all I need to do is set a default value in all content types as first (and only) story of type ‘navigation’. Is it possible?

For example: Default value: {{ navigation[0] }}

Thanks in advance for help.

Hello @Kserafin,

I think that it is better to use presets for this use-case.

  1. For creating a preset you need to click on the triangle on the right to the “Define schema” button:

  2. Then you can set a name for the new preset (1) and add (2) the filled-out story as a preset. You can also set a preset as the default (3) that will then be used automatically when you create a story.

The steps are the same for a preset made of a component but for that, you need to go into the component and then go through the steps listed above.

Best regards

I have just created default preset and it works.

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