Customized Rich Text Editor and storyblok-js-client v4.1.x

I had this solution to add classes to tags set up as a plugin in Nuxt, and it worked great.

import Vue from 'vue'

export const rte = {
	install(Vue, options) {
		Vue.prototype.$rte = new Vue()

		const MySchema = require('storyblok-js-client/dist/schema')

		MySchema.nodes.heading = function(node) {
			let attrs = {}

			if (node.processed) {
				attrs = node.attrsCopy

			if (node.content && node.content.length === 1 && node.content[0].marks && node.content[0].marks.length === 1 && node.content[0].marks[0].type === 'styled') {
				attrs = node.content[0].marks[0].attrs
				node.attrsCopy = attrs
				node.processed = true
				delete node.content[0].marks

			return {
				tag: [
						tag: `h${node.attrs.level}`,
						attrs: attrs

Now that storyblok-js-client is at version 4.x.x though, some things have changed and cause this error:

This dependency was not found:
* storyblok-js-client/dist/schema in ./plugins/rte.js
To install it, you can run: npm install --save storyblok-js-client/dist/schema

The problem is that there’s no schema folder in that location within .node_modules, and doing the suggested installation doesn’t work. Even tried installing storyblok-js-client as a unique dependency, but that also doesn’t work.

Anyone else run into this and know how to fix?