Create a singular content type?


I’m in the process of investigating if I should use Storyblok for the rebuild of my client’s website or should we stick with the current Headless CMS we are using.

One of the limitations I noticed is the inability to create singular content types/unique blocks. A potential usecase

  • I want to create a unique header content type/story where I can manage my documents
  • I’ll have unique blocks which are only used within the header content type and nowhere else, for example menu_item or menu_dropdown

Potential problems I see with this:

  • It looks like the marketing team will be able to create multiple content types with the “header” content type even though there should only be one
  • The menu_item and menu_dropdown are available blocks that can be used in other content types by default. In order to prevent it, I’ll need to restrict the the content types of any block field I’ve added or I’ll add in the future (something I wouldn’t want to do, as I’ll then need to go over all block fields every time I add a new page section).

This doesn’t apply for the header, but also for other similar things such as footer, global config file, page banner, contact us page (in case I want to build a page with unique blocks which I don’t want to be accessed anywhere else).

A note that I haven’t had a production experience with Storyblok, so I might be missing something really obvious