Could a folder be created with a slug

In the CMS/content/,is it possible to create a folder without a slug to help separate/manage the content better?

All root entries can go into a folder called “pages”.

Just wanted to see if there was a option I can’t find?

(I’m doing this already, but its a hacky way to organise in my local when calling the data, because I don’t want the url to have the folder slug /pages/home)


Hello @Pdevy,

inside of spaces the way to organize your stories is inside of folders but you can generate your routes inside of your apps completely independent from the structure in your spaces and overwrite the slugs.

In case that you’re searching for a way to overwrite the paths shown in the editor then you can also take a look at the advanced paths app from our app store: Advanced paths - Storyblok

Best regards

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