Correct URL for resize images

Some of the pictures in our layout need different sizes, so we are trying to ask our writer to use different urls for different sizes e.g. if links to the orginal full size, then should link to resized image.

However that doesn’t seem to work; The only things we got it to work is using the img2 subdomain - ( notice that we have sizes twice in the url)

My question is, is there a better url we should be using? if no, is it safe to continue to use

Hello Jim,

you can use the image service like explained in this article:

It is ok to use the links which are using the… domain in the content and then changing it in the implementation of your app to img2. instead of using a. and adding parameters like the size in front of the /f/… where needed.

You can find more information about the parameters of the image service here: