Content types on stories being updated to "root" unintentionally

In the past 24 hours, our team has started experiencing issues with the content type automatically updating to “root” from the original content type e.g. “article” designated at time of entry creation of a new story. We believe this may be happening at time of publish, but it is difficult to pinpoint when this change occurs.

When the content type updates to root, we aren’t able to change it back unless going through the page history which lets us revert back to the last published version but our latest changes are lost.

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 5.21.45 PM

Not sure if this is related, but a common theme for editors in Storyblok who have reported experiencing this issue is they all have had the autosave app enabled at the time.

Hello @taylorperras,

can you give me a space ID where you observed this behavior and maybe a link to an example story where this happened, please?

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Hi I am also having this issue. Now the home page isnt loading as our SSG code isn’t expecting ‘root’ as a content type (its expecting ‘Page’ like all the other pages).

Perhaps I can change it back with V1? is this a V2 issues?

Help this is a problem!

Hello @kaintimber,

can you give me the link to an example story where this happened, please?

Thanks in advance!

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Space 139306 and the home index page.
To mitigate the problem, I had to change my code to accept the content type root and treat it with same ‘page’ template.
So now there are two home pages - the original ‘root’ broken one and the new one we created to fix the site, which is content type ‘page’.

The ‘root’ one has a new slug of ‘index-root-version’.

The other problem with this issue is the new ‘root’ content type won’t accept any bloks - so we lost all the work on the home page and my client had to rebuild the home page - one of the more detailed and component rich.

Hello @kaintimber,

thank you for the details. I forwarded the information to my colleagues and hope to hear back from them very soon.

I tried to reproduce this issue but it seems to be random. Can you remember more details of how that happened in the case of your customer and if that happens only on one UI version or on both with the autosave app installed and active, please?

Many thanks in advance!

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The client said they didn’t do anything to cause.
They are on V2 interface, I dont know if its to do with the interface, seems deeper than that. This ‘root’ content type wont allow blocks so its weird and useless.

Autosave app- I dont know what that is, so probably no.