Content Delivery API does not return story published for non-default language unless it's published in default language as well

We have an edge case where story might not have a version in default language available but we still want to retrieve it from API for non-default language.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a story in Storyblok and publish it in non-default language
  2. As default language is published automatically switch to the language and manually unpublish it
  3. Fetch stories for published non-default language (specific query parameters down below)

Expected result:
Receive story for that language if available
Actual result:
Unless story is also published in default language it won’t be returned by API

I’m using storyblok-js-client getStories function (storyblok-js-client/index.js at master · storyblok/storyblok-js-client · GitHub) with cv set to and starts_with set to non-default language in which story is specified and subfolder (i.e. it/region/italy).