cant read latest published content

Our deployed site will not access the latest published data no matter how many times I hit the publish button. The published_at date is always the same date in April (2022-04-27T08:18:21.048Z), never the last version.

Not sure whether I should post specific data here. On localhost it works fine.

Is there a restriction or some kind of lock I’m not aware of?

Hello @josef,

are you using a webhook for triggering the cache invalidation when publishing new content?

If not you can use the webhook for publishing new stories (Webhooks - Storyblok) and trigger the flushCache() function when you use our JS client (GitHub - storyblok/storyblok-js-client: Universal JavaScript SDK for Storyblok's API).
Then your app should get the latest content from the API after publishing it.

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