Cannot get `translated_slugs` from links API using `resolve_link=1`

We have several production sites which are live using Gridsome and Storyblok. No issues.

We have installed the Translatable Slugs plugin and have configured this on our site. We have an Advanced Plan.

We can see the translated_slugs coming through in the Published JSON from within Storyblok, but we cannot query it in our application.

We were using resolve_links: url in our params and after reading some other forum posts changed this to resolve_links: 1, but this doesn’t seem to resolve the issue.

We are unable to call translated_slugs or default_full_slug in the page query, for example:

query StoryblokEntry ($id: ID) {
  storyblokEntry (id: $id) {

This causes the build to fail with the error Error: Cannot query field "default_full_slug" on type "StoryblokEntry".

Please help.