Anchor element with title attribute

Is there any way to add a title attribute to the anchor/link in the Rich Text? My marketing team wants to be able to add descriptive titles to links.

Or would I need to create a new block for this?

Hello @angieg0nzalez,

at the moment it is necessary to create a component for this. In the component, you could then use the link field and activate the option Enable anchor field on internal link for setting the anchor and add also additional fields to the component. This requires you to create a custom component resolver as shown here: Richtext field rendering - Storyblok

I opened a feature request for your use case here Add link text, title and attributes field to richtext link field - Feature Requests - Storyblok

Best regards

Got it! Thank you for opening that feature request, I appreciate it.

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You’re welcome @angieg0nzalez :+1: