Alternative version field not selecting correct values

I’m currently experiencing a bug with the alternative versions field, where I want to add the other versions of the same page but in different language, but since they have same name it’s not selecting correct one.
For a more clear explanation, here you can check a loom video about it → Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software


We are also experiencing this bug and it’s causing lots of problems for SEO across our TLDs since we use alternates to generate hreflang tags.


@tassos Looks like we’re not the only ones. @Storyblok Was about to open a support ticket, but maybe you could address here. This is currently affecting our workflow. Thank you rinorz

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Yes I’d like to see a fix as well, thanks for bringing this up @rinorz


Would be good to get this resolved as we are experiencing similar issues with translated alternative versions.

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For anyone that comes across this in the future, and @rinorz if you’ve not gotten support on this yet, we got this response from Storyblok:

To make it work, you need to go into the alternatives that are not already selected and select a story that is already in the group.

We already forwarded this case to our product team for improving that functionality so it will be easier to add alternatives in the future.

I still think this functionality should work in a reciprocal fashion so hopefully they improve it as mentioned in the reply.


Hello everybody!

Thanks a lot for the feedback on behavior. As @fsmith wrote, our developers will provide a better solution for adding alternative stories in the V2 UI.

In case that you want to check for the actual state of the progress on the V2 UI, you can take a look at the page Storyblok V2 - Storyblok or in case you want to make a suggestion for a missing feature feel free to open a feature request on our feedback page when it isn’t in that list already → Feature Requests - Storyblok

Best regards

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