Alias for blocks (not the same!)

Hello, I had noted the feature request regarding something similar (Alias field for blocks) which has been resolved/closed on GitHub (

We have several components on a page and we see something like this:

  1. It would be really helpful if we could associate a “business-friendly” name, like “Introduction”, “Country list”, instead of the technical identifiers (“Iframe”, “Hero” …).

  2. I understand that I can have the preview to visual identify the block in real life. But it would be really useful if I could click on a block in the block list and the preview would scroll to the corresponding section; or vice versa, when scrolling in the preview somehow highlight the equivalent block in the block list.

I hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:


PS: I seem to have trouble posting this feature request, sorry if this is a duplicate.

I added a comment with a suggestion how this feature could be implemented. We should continue the discussion there.