About the Bug Reports category

In the case that you find a bug in any of the components like the APIs, frontend or image service please leave a report with as much details as possible.
Information like screenshots of visible errors, screen casts, error messages, use-cases where the bug appears, used browser version are essential for reproducing the circumstances and for finding the source of the problem.

Before you report a problem with the frontend please be sure that the issue isn’t being caused by the browser setup itself and check the following list:

  1. Does the bug appear when you’re using the private/incognito window?
    If yes then it is most likely a bug and you can report it here or on https://github.com/storyblok/storyblok/issues
    If not then you should check if any of the installed extensions is blocking parts of the app and deactivate it at least on our page.

  2. Does the bug appear still after cleaning the cache?
    In this case check point 1. first because the issue could be caused by an extension.

  3. Does the bug appear when using another browser with deactivated extensions too?
    In this case please go to our Github page https://github.com/storyblok/storyblok/issues and pass as much information possible so that we can track the source of the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

When you’re not quite sure that the issue is actually a bug please go through the old topics and search for an answer there. If you can’t find your issue open a new topic and report your find.

Thank you very much for your attention
Your Storyblok Team

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