Ability to restrict folder creation

I am currently investigating if Storyblok currently has the ability to restrict folder creation for maybe certain users.

The way our current project is setup, it requires for certain folders to be static and no folders should be created inside it to facilitate proper slug creation. However, on some occasions editors have created folders inside these spaces and then accidently moved around stories, breaking slug formats.

I scoured through the docs but could not find such a feature or process. Is there any way this can be implemented or restricted?

Hello @mohak.wathare,

it is possible to deny changing the slug of existing folders and stories, additionally, you can also deny moving them around when setting the options in the red square to checked in a custom user role:

Checking your use case I’ve seen possible limitations of the two options for which I created two feature requests available under these links:

In case that you would like to add comments below the feature requests feel free to do so or open a new feature request for missing functionalities.

Best regards